how to order

We also pay attention to the reproduction that appears at the market. Mainly we divide the reproductions as follows:

  1. Those furniture that made brand new (Traditional style-New wood);
  2. Those furniture that newly made, but in old wood (Traditional style-Old wood);
  3. Those furniture that made brand new, but with traditional components (New style-Old components);
  4. Those furniture that has been modified in order to suit current use (Traditional style-Old wood-New Adjustments);

We do not agree with reproductions, but they exist. Of course there is a reason. Some people do not care if they are new, what they want is the style and taste. Some people want their traditional furniture more functional to current use, while keep the original looking.    

Fortunately, on the other hand there are too many things can not be copied, basically, age. Those that can be reproduced are very simple style furniture. Regarding to the Chinese original paintings, lacquers, or deep carvings, it is impossible to copy. 

M&E Inc. always sticks with unique, original, and aged pieces, the depicts the real Chinese traditional furniture.  

We also tailor-make new products according to customer's requirements. Normal procedures goes on as the follows.

  1. Customer provide us with details drawing and design;
  2. We quotes a price accordingly;
  3. Price negotiation and confirmation;
  4. A deposit of 30% is required to be done before starting;
  5. The sample is done within two weeks;
  6. Customer confirmation (Modification and adjusts could be done at this stage);
  7. Products finishing: Coloring; hardware;
  8. Final inspection;
  9. Delivery
  10. After Sales Service

For further details please feel free to contact us.